Wednesday, March 6, 2013

20-Something Bloggers' postcard exchange

I haven't been too active in the 20 Something Bloggers community since I joined, but when I saw last month that they were hosting their first postcard exchange I signed up right away.

I still had some extra Wisconsin postcards that I had bought and mailed to my friends in Spain when I moved back to the states last fall.  I sent the postcards to the two names I'd been given: Cathrine @ Said The Cat and Anne @ Owl Be Happy.  I completely forgot to take any pictures before I sent them off, as everyone else seems to have done.

This past weekend (I think it was) I received my first postcard, from Cathrine:

Flash Gordons Trip to Mars postcard
20SB postcard exchange

She blogged about her experiences with the 20SB Postcard Exchange earlier this week.  I agree with Cathrine about the difficulty of writing a postcard to someone you don't know and have never met.  Are you supposed to tell them things about yourself, or ask them questions about themselves?  Or are participants under the assumption that this is a one-time postal correspondence, and you should just avoid asking any questions at all that require a response?

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be expecting a second postcard from Anne (or someone else) or not -- it's not clear how the whole exchange was organized.  If you send two do you receive two?

What would you write about on a postcard to a stranger?
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  1. I just sent your post card earlier this week :). I am fond of staying in touch!

    1. Awesome! Maybe I'll have some mail waiting for me when I get home after work...