Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day: Sharing the love

I got a bit crafty on Tuesday evening and made valentines for all of the people I would see on Thursday (aka everyone I would see at work).  I had colorful scrap paper with things printed on one side, so I glued the printed sides together, leaving me with a front and back of a solid color.

I ripped the edges to give it that sort of look, then cut and pasted and wrote and drew:

Valentine's Day cards
Homemade Valentine's Day cards

The two best ones with puns are courtesy of the piano brother: "It's heart to be without you" and "There's an underground hive to search for valuable gems...Bee Mine!".  He's very punny.

I don't get bitter about Valentine's Day like some single people do -- I think it's a great excuse to show love for anyone in your life.  My friend Izzy has the same attitude, as she brought in some amazing heart "cake balls" to work today.

They looked incredible and tasted even better.  She's the one who made this Santa cookie over the holidays.

Valentine's Day cake balls
Valentine's Day cake ball hearts
Izzy also got to receive a flower delivery at work... and then deliver it to the graduate student recipient for the flower delivery guy.

Did anything make you smile on Valentine's Day this year?  Or tell me if you've ever had cake balls before!
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