Monday, February 18, 2013

Lundi links: Youtube clips

Between last week and this week I've been shown a few new youtube treats (well, new to me).  Rather than article links today, enjoy some video clips this Monday:

I learned about the Harlem Shake on Friday.  Most have probably seen it by now.  If not, here's the original:

Maybe next week I'll have one to share from my office at work - fingers crossed.  Here's another:


I'm not sure how I missed Marcel the Shell back when it originally came out.  Maybe I was in Spain.  In any case, a coworker just showed it to me early last week, and I approve.  If you've stayed in the dark as long as I have, now's the time to watch:


And here are some goats that sound like humans yelling, courtesy of MK:



This last one's a bit longer, but if you have expat experiences and also dream of living in France (hmm sounds oddly like me....), you'll want to watch this clip - and probably their web series too, once it gets produced!

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  1. On the topic of screaming goats...