Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snapshot: Capitol's reflection

I recently started a second job where I'll be working from now through April on the weekends.  My regular shift will be Fridays 5p-9p, Saturdays 9a-5p, and Sundays 9a-5p.  This was my first weekend working all three weekend days.  Let me just say, I cannot believe that tomorrow begins another work week already.

When I hopped off my bus on the way home tonight, I accidentally got off a corner too early.  The bus windows were all fogged up due to the rain/snow coming down tonight, and we were driving around the square where each side looks the same.  Thinking I was headed right to my apartment, I spotted a great reflection of the capitol in a building's windows.

Remembering I had my camera in my bag, I stopped to take a picture:

Wisconsin State Capitol reflection in building windows
Wisconsin State Capitol reflection

It was after taking this picture that I noticed the Walgreens, meaning I was not on the right side of the square!  Oops.  It was a slippery walk home; hopefully the roads and sidewalks aren't this bad tomorrow.
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  1. And behold, a balmy Monday. I wonder if you will speak with a lot of people who are defrauding the government at your new job. I hope so!

  2. What a cool picture! I remember stuff so much better when I stop to take a photo of it, yet that's still not my default. Maybe some day...