Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guest Post: Restaurant Week at The Bayou

[This is a guest post written by brother Teej.  He and I decided to do a swap, so he posted here on my blog, and I guest posted about The Bayou at his blog All Food Considered]

This past Monday, Rebe and I kicked off the week by checking out Madison’s Restaurant Week. This year there were nearly fifty restaurants participating; each put together a list of dishes so that diners could create their own three-course dinner for a reduced rate.  Every restaurant offered a dinner starting at $25, while a few even offered a $15 lunch option as well.  Unsure of our evening schedules for the day, we decided a few days before to place a lunch reservation at The Bayou, which coins itself as a New Orleans Style Tavern.

When we got there we had our choice of tables, as their lunch hour was still at the early stages. After familiarizing ourselves with the menu once again, we ended up ordering Cajun cheese curds and gravy fries for our starters, chicken & sausage jambalaya and a shrimp po’ boy with sweet potato French fries for our entrées, and pecan pie a la mode and sweet potato bread pudding for our desserts.

While waiting for the food to arrive, it was hard not to notice the scenery. The two-story seating area is meant to make you feel like you’re sitting outdoors in a French Quarter courtyard while being overlooked by a fenced in balcony. There were jazz instruments hanging from the ceiling, realistic murals covering every square inch of the walls and ceiling, a fifteen-foot tall Mardi Gras themed jester, and pretty much anything else you can think of to get you in a New Orleans mood.

New Orleans scene at The Bayou in Madison, WI
New Orleans scene at The Bayou in Madison, WI

New Orleans scene at The Bayou in Madison, WI
New Orleans scene at The Bayou in Madison, WI

Although the food wasn't all that I expected, the trip was definitely worth it. Because of Rebe’s invitation, I now know a fun new place to grab some drinks in the downtown area, got to catch up with what’s been happening the past few weeks, and got inspired to cook some of my own Cajun classics (jambalaya, Cajun catfish, and bread pudding are on my list so far) in the near future!
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