Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A letter from the past

Today I had a nice surprise in my inbox when I signed into my email upon arrival at work.  I received an email I had written to myself one year ago, on January 8, 2012 (which I had completely forgotten about).

It began with:
If you're reading this, that means the world didn't end on December 21, 2012, or the 23rd, whichever date it was supposed to be.
Har, har, har - I'm so funny.

I continue:
You just got back from two weeks in Válor, Granada on your first HelpX Experience. It was awesome and that's what you want to keep doing.

Skipping to the bottom:
I learned coming back to Madrid that the place isn't everything, it's the people too. That being said, the people aren't everything either. I loved Madison this past summer and fall, working, mufa, etc. But when I go back it won't be the same.
How wise I was.  I ended with:
I hope you're eating healthier, cooking more, know more French, know more guitar, and are doing yoga or stretching, or running/ ultimate, some type of exercise. If not, get to it! Be happy and live your life fully. Make the most of each day, you only get one. I love you.
See?  Even then I was working on many of the same resolutions I've made this year.

Anyway, it was a wonderful surprise; I almost wish I had written more.  I'm going to write another one this week, to be delivered to my future self in 2014.

Write a letter to your future self today!  I guarantee that you'll enjoy receiving it whenever you decide to have it sent to yourself -- whether it be one year from now, two years, five, ten -- whenever!  Just go to http://www.futureme.org and start writing.

Has anyone else ever written a letter to their future self?  If you write one today because of this post, please share in the comments!
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