Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chains: Keeping track of daily intents

The other week I realized that with all of my new year's resolutions, I needed to implement a new system to keep track of the things I'm supposed to do every day (or things I want to do x times per week).

Then I discovered Chains! is a simple, free tool to track daily progress in any endeavor.

Here's a screen shot of the main screen.  Goals/topics are across the top, and the dates are along the lefthand side.

When you do something, simply click on the corresponding circle and it will change colors.  As you do multiple days in a row, the circles will combine with adjacent circles to make chains, hence the site's name.

Making a new chain is really easy.  You click "Add new chain" on the right side of the previous chain.

Double click the text to rename.  Then click on the gear in the bottom left corner to change the settings.

Here are the settings you can change.  For things that I only want to do once or twice a week, I skip six or five days so that I'm only left with one or two circles per week.

There are different skins to make it more fun:

I use the book skin for my reading, the guitar skin for guitar (which I've majorly slacked on), and the weights skin for push-ups.

This site has been so useful for me.  The emptiness in that first screenshot at the top of the post is motivation to do better by the end of the month, when I'll have a resolutions check-in with myself... publicly on the blog.

Does anyone already use Chains?  Is anyone going to start using it now?  Anyone have an alternative to recommend?
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