Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Resolutions

After having written about my 2012 in books and in photos, I'm ready to write about my resolutions for 2013.  I make resolutions every year.  This year I started writing my physical list in December and adding to it as I got more ideas.  I'm always wanting to learn new things or improve in certain areas; I'm a self-help junkie.  So my resolutions have always been plentiful.

That said, here's the list for 2013:


  • Read 32 books
  • Five of these books will be in Spanish
  • Five of these books will be books that I own in my apartment
  • Two of these books will be in French?
[I own many books that I've never read, so by giving myself the guideline of reading five books from my apartment I'll ease myself into reaching the longterm goal of reading every book I own.]

  • Buy and take vitamin B and D regularly
  • Take probiotics every day
  • Read JJ's info from health center; read the health book his Dr. recommended
  • No chocolate at work!
[My office has got a candy bowl that's always full of chocolate: Dove chocolates, mini Snickers, mini Milky Way, mini Twix, etc.  Since they're so plentiful and always in sight, I eat more than I should.  Especially with the fact that my stomach has difficulty digesting chocolate and those types of treats, I really shouldn't be eating any!  I'll try to find a system that works for me.]

  • Write in journal every day
  • Only log in to facebook 1x/day maximum
  • Brighten peoples' days with every interaction
  • Focus on gratitude
  • No fear
[I don't spend much time on facebook whenever I do log in (not having a smartphone helps), but I still think logging in more than once a day is overkill (for me).  I shouldn't need to log in more than once a week even, but the goal will be to keep it at once a day maximum.

The "every interaction" bit comes from the idea that when you cross paths with someone else, you can either make their day better, worse, or have no effect.  My goal is to make every interaction - no matter how brief - be a positive one.  Maybe they'll be in a better mood and pass on the kindness.  Smiles help!]

  • Play 5x/week (aka practice)
  • Learn one new chord/week
  • Go to the French conversation table! 
  • Take a Continuing Studies French class in the spring
  • Use Duolingo at least 3x/week
  • French grammar book 1x/week
[There was one day in the fall when I finally mustered enough courage to go to the French conversation table.  I walked for twenty minutes to this cafe, only to discover no one else was there for the conversation table.  This cafe has three different locations in the downtown area, so I need to find out the right one -- then gain courage again and just go!  It's so easy for me to go to the Spanish conversation table, but I know going to the French table would be helpful no matter what I understand or am able to say.]

  • Travel to San Diego or visit Patrick Wire in Washington D.C. in the spring
  • Research S. Korea teaching English programs
  • Look into France options...
[Since I've been back in the states, a small percent of my biweekly paycheck gets automatically deposited into an ING savings account that I opened this fall.  That's supposed to be my travel money.  It's nice because I forget it exists; I don't see it in my checking account or take it into consideration with my monthly budget at all.  Haven't checked that savings account since I opened it, so I just need see what I've got to work with, then make the plans and buy a plane ticket by February or March. Just do it!]

  • Blog once a week on Oh No She Madridn't
  • Blog twice a week here on Rebe With a Clause
  • Have one contest a month on Rebe With a Clause
  • Comment on two blogs a week
  • Read an SEO book
[I read tons of blogs.  I don't visit the blogs themselves; I use Google Reader and read new posts directly from there.  I actually may spend more time reading blogs than books, if you look at the last three to five years.  But I don't comment.  There are blogs I've been reading for nearly a decade (I feel like I know the blogger), but I've only commented a handful of times if any.  I think bogging is a great way to meet people within certain communities, so that's why I want to start forcing myself to comment more on the blogs I regularly read.]

  • Finish the statistics class I started last summer
  • Do one complete course this spring
[MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses, which refers to free online courses on sites such as or  These are courses taught by professors at universities like Stanford, Princeton, Brown, etc.  I fully support the movement towards more educational material on the web, open for anyone to access and learn.  Hence I love MOOCs.]

  • Scrapbook at least two pages a month
  • Make an inspiration binder

So that's my current list.  Maybe if I make myself do 11 "resolution checkpoints" this year, one at the end of each month, I may increase my chances of following through on all (or most) of these.

Happy 2013!  Did you make any resolutions this year?  What are they?  How do you hold yourself to your resolutions?
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