Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trivia Thursday not so trivial

Since I've been back in Wisconsin, I've been itching to go to a trivia night at some bar or restaurant.  I thought I'd never been to one, but then I remembered that I'd gone to a trivia night one time at JJ's in Madrid.  Oh JJ's...

Anyway, turns out the bar where brother Teej works has trivia on Thursdays.  So last Thursday I got a group together and we went.  It happened to be the only Thursday (ever?) that brother Teej didn't have to work, so he went... to work -- but didn't work.  Hah!  He was on the trivia team with me at his place of work, on his night off.

Here's the team:

We did not win. Nor were we close to winning, but I think everyone had a good time.  I definitely want to do it again.

Although I've been back in the states for over two months now, I still haven't really made much progress in the "making friends" department.  So it felt nice to say look, I got this table of six people together!  I had six whole people to invite, and they were able to come.  Thus, what may have seemed like a regular night of trivia for some was a proud accomplishment for me.  Sure, they may have all been people that I knew prior to Spain (as in two high school friends, three college friends, and my brother), but they were people I can still call my friends now - so that's something.  I've got to keep making myself look at everything in a positive light these days.

And since last Thursday, I have been matched with an English learner who I'll converse with for two hours a week as a volunteer for an ESL institute near my apartment.  The first meeting will hopefully take place next week.  Tonight at la mesa de conversación (Spanish conversation table) I feel like I could nearly call four or five of the regular attendees "friends".  So that's more progress.  Sadly, two of those will be studying abroad next semester; one in Chile and the other in Germany.  Well, that's not sad at all -- that's great for them.  But, you know.  Another unfortunate fact, tonight was apparently the last mesa de conversación of the semester.  And now another "but": but we're planning an unofficial meeting next week at the regular location, so that's good!

I can't think of a way to end this, other than that I'm off to do some more GRE studying before bed.  Here I go.
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