Saturday, December 15, 2012

Contest answers: Individual cleanliness

Two weeks ago I posted my second contest about the individual cleanliness poster that's in my apartment's bathroom.  Thanks to all of you who answered!  And thanks to those of you who cheated and answered, but deleted your own comment right away without me having to!

Here are the nine squares of the poster:

Individual Cleanliness poster: visit the latrine
Visit the Latrine

Individual cleanliness keep the hair dressed
Keep the hair dressed

Take a bath daily individual cleanliness
Take a bath daily

Gargle after every meal individual cleanliness
Gargle after every meal

Keep hands and nails clean individual cleanliness
Keep hands & nails clean

Wear neat and clean cloths individual cleanliness
Wear neat and clean clothes

Brush up the teeth individual cleanliness
Brush up the teeth

Take meals in time individual cleanliness
Take meals in time

Be punctual to school individual cleanliness
Be punctual to school

And here's the whole poster:

Individual Cleanliness

Scoring was a bit tricky, since the wording didn't need to be exact.  The top two were Hannah and Herm (with CC in third place), so here's how I scored their answers (feel free to complain and try to persuade me otherwise, Herm):

1. Brush your teeth = Brush up the teeth (1 pt)
2. Take a shower/bath = Take a bath daily (1 pt)
3. Wash your face
4. Brush your hair = Keep the hair dressed (1 pt)
5. Clean your ears
6. Put on deoderant
7. Wash your hands = Keep hands and nails clean (0.5 pt, because it only mentioned the hands)
8. Wash your clothes = Wear neat and clean clothes (0.5 pt because of washing vs. wearing)

1. visit toilet = Visit the latrine, answer provided (0 pts)
2. shower = Take a bath daily (1 pt)
3. teeth brush = Brush up the teeth (1 pt)
4. deodorant
5. floss
6. shave
7. comb hair = Keep the hair dressed (1 pt)
8. perfume
9. trim fingernails = Keep hands and nails clean (0.5 pt, because it only mentioned the nails)

Which makes Herm in second place with 3.5 points, and Hannah wins the contest with 4 points!  Congratulations!
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