Thursday, December 20, 2012

How I spent Draco 2012: In bed

I survived our first snowstorm of this winter: Draco.  I actually spent most of the day in bed!

From the back window of the house

Although yesterday I was planning to go to work today, once the university announced that only "essential" employees should report to work, my coworkers smartly decided they would stay home.  The university also cancelled all in-class final exams for the day, which was unheard of during my undergrad days.  Should employees not come to work, however, we would have to use vacation time to cover the hours - which I hadn't planned for since I'm already taking off all of next week.

I woke up this morning with a text from brother Teej, telling me that the buses would not be running today.  I do bus to work every day, but I still could have walked through the blizzard in order to work by myself at the office all day.  I'm sure it would have been productive, but I never mustered up the courage to bundle up and leave the house.  It also didn't seem worth it to walk over a half hour each way through un-shoveled sidewalks with the whipping wind.  So I stayed home!

View of the parking lot from my bedroom window

I cleaned the bathroom and washed both the kitchen and bathroom floors.  I blogged.  I started reading my thirtieth book of the year, which I'll finish by the 31st in order to meet my GoodReads goal.  I read lots of blogs.  I ate.  I watched my neighbors try to get their cars out of the lot so that the plow could clear some snow.  I was seriously watching at the window for over 15 minutes.  While one of the guys was trying to back his car out of the lot onto the street, his car swerved and smacked into a parked car on the street!  I'll have to check that out tomorrow and see if there's any visual damage.

Anyway, I did lots of those things from my bed.  The head of my bed sits right in front of my window.  This is an old house, so I've been used to cold air coming in through the cracks.  I have a long body pillow that I keep across the bottom of the window to block some of the cold air.  Luckily my heater is right beside the window, so the two usually cancel each other out and I'm never cold in bed.

But today the wind was notably stronger (from inside!), so this afternoon I covered it up with a blanket from my bed:

I could only find one rubber band (even though I know I've got more somewhere) , so I used that to hold up the right side of the blanket on a handy hook.

Rubber band holding up the right side of my blanket over the window

Since I still had tons left from my chocolate spoons project, I used ribbon to hold up the other side!

I just realized that in the past two weeks I have used ribbon both as a bandaid and to insulate my window.  I wonder how I'll use it next...

Did anyone else experience Draco today?  Anyone else have a snow day as a result? How did you spend it?
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