Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY wrapping paper with bingo stampers

Before I got picked up to go home for the holidays last Saturday (um, like an hour before), I got the sudden urge to be crafty.  I had just returned from a craft store, which may have had something to do with it, so I decided to wrap the presents I'd bought with cute homemade paper.

What did I have lying around the apartment that I could use to decorate?

I'd seen these colorful tubes sitting on a shelf in our apartment all fall, but I'd never really looked at them:

bingo stamps
Bingo stampers

Then two weeks ago, I came home and one of my roommates was using them to stamp a paper bag, which she then used to wrap a gift for a holiday gift exchange.  She told me that she and the other roommates would go play Bingo in the summers, so they'd acquired all of these stampers.  What a great idea!

I began by cutting the bottom of a paper bag, so that I could open it up flat:
Then I started adding some color (okay, well I added some blue, teal, and green):
DIY homemade wrapping paper

On my second bag (I only used two bags total to wrap six gifts!), I left my comfort zone and included some non-blues for contrast.  The yellow and pink were only stamping the outline of the circles, but I thought that gave it a neat look:

DIY homemade wrapping paper

Since I still had extra ribbon from all of those chocolate holiday spoons I made earlier in the month, I was able to give these presents even more decoration.  I was pleased with the results!

DIY homemade wrapping paper
DIY homemade wrapping paper
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