Sunday, December 9, 2012

11:08 or 11:38?

As I'm sitting here, looking up the bus routes that go near my testing site tomorrow, I just caught myself debating whether I should take the bus that will get me there by 11:08 or 11:38.

The exam begins at 12:30.

This means the American in me has returned!  Sure, it's a more important starting time than a get-together with friends, but in Spain I wouldn't arrive that early.  I'll probably end up taking the earlier bus and bring my kindle to read; no use in cramming and freaking myself out before the GRE.  I'd rather get there plenty early than miss a bus or have the second bus be delayed due to snow/sleet.

Twenty hours from now I'll have taken the GRE, know my scores, and probably feel very relieved.  Tomorrow will be over so quickly, but right now it feels a long way away.
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