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DigiWriMo Days 21-25: Thanksgiving weekend


After a three-day work week, the sister picked me up Wednesday evening and we headed to our parents' house on the other side of the lake.  They had made a yummy spaghetti dinner with sides of broccoli and garlic bread, AND freshly baked owl cookies for dessert.  Why oh why didn't I take pictures of those?

My mother has made "owl cookies" every Halloween ever since I can remember, and she even mailed us kids some owl cookies this Halloween.  But four cookies (well actually two; I shared half) did not fill my owl cookie craving - especially after missing out on them last year when I was in Madrid.  So she made some more for Thanksgiving!

Hey look, I found a picture of owl cookies on the interwebs.  Mother's owl cookies look a lot better though, but this is somewhat similar:

Owl cookies

After dinner some of us ended up downstairs on the couches around the TV.  I don't have a TV at my house, and after being in Spain the past year I'm quite behind on what new shows exist.  Really important stuff, I know.  After an episode of Operation Repo (which I love, still haven't figured out why), we watched an episode of Duck Dynasty.  I had first heard about the show a few weeks ago when my aunt and cousin were talking about it.  It's about these rednecks with beards that make duck calls.  In this episode, they ate snow cones and then made their very own redneck water park.  I actually laughed more than I expected to; I wonder if all episodes are that entertaining.

Thanksgiving Thursday

On Thanksgiving morning I organized one of our hall closets before we headed off to grandma's house for the day.  It probably won't stay neat and tidy for long, but it sure looked good when I finished.  I'd like to do more deep cleaning over Christmas break and get rid of stuff.  The world has too much stuff.  Well, many homes in the states have too much stuff.

Ok, here's what my plate looked like at grandma's:
Thanksgiving lunch at grandma's house

After stuffing ourselves silly, we cleaned up and headed outside to take a walk through the woods.  My grandma's got about seven acres of forested land with a creek, so we always walk the path alongside the creek when we're at her house.  It is deer hunting season here in Wisconsin, so many of us had on bright orange to be safe.  I don't remember why planking was on the brain (perhaps someone had recently seen Planking in Germany), but before we had even left the driveway grandma and I found ourselves here:

Planking with grandma
Thanksgiving 2012

Other planking on Thanksgiving includes the following:

Planking on Thanksgiving, 2012

That last one in the bottom right was the most difficult of the ones I did.  It took a really long time to get up in the tree because there was absolutely nothing to grab on to!  Once I got in the little crease, I thought there was no way I'd make it up and out onto the branch.  This photo collage will give you an idea of how much help and effort it took to plank on this tree:

Here's a final shot from farther back:

When our walk and planking had ended, we were ready for some pumpkin pie and Taboo.  Post-playing Taboo involved a shoulder complex workout with grandma, followed by me doing a 20-minute hill workout on grandma's bike while brother Teej helped her upload pictures onto the computer.  Reca was sore on Friday!


I must not have done anything memorable during the day on Friday, because I'm not really sure how I spent it.  I did work on a craft Christmas present for a friend and finished it, so that would have taken a few hours out of the day.  We had a second Thanksgiving Friday night with my mother's side of the family, but both brothers were gone by this time.  One had to work downtown, and the other was scheduled to play a gig up north.  Luckily my aunt decided to make a delicious lasagna for this Thanksgiving, so it wasn't a repeat of everything we'd eaten the day before.  When we got back home on Friday night the sister and I watched a Popeye VHS that we used to watch all the time as kids.  Well, the sister slept through it that night, but I watched it as I uploaded pictures to shutterfly.  All of the phrases came back to me; I remembered every clip.


Saturday morning the sister and I went to our town's thrift shop.  I spent $15 total on some great finds.  The best would probably be a pair of jeans from Express that fit perfectly ($10 something).  They are the perfect length (longer than all of my other jeans) and, I will say once more, they fit perfectly!  I also got two pieces of scrap fabric ($1 each) that I'm going to use to try to sew an infinity scarf when I'm at my parents' house over Christmas.  Also while home over Christmas I'm going to attempt to make a spoon ring (or two, or three), so I purchased two spoons for $0.25 each.  My grandma gave me a pretty old spoon when I was over at her place on Thursday, so I've currently got three spoons to work with.  I bought some Christmas ribbon ($0.80) for another gift I'm going to make, and my final purchase was a pad of stationery that folds in thirds into its own envelope.  There's space to write the address, and also the word "stamp" in a cool font up in the corner.  It's definitely vintage stationery, and I paid $0.10 for the pad of eleven pieces of paper.

When we got home I did laundry, throwing some of my new purchases into the mix.  That afternoon papa drove me back downtown.   And that night I went to the concert of a friend's friend's girlfriend's friends.  Figure that one out.  It was at a bar close to my house.  I'm thinking I'll need to continue going to these live-music-$5-cover-venue-type events.


I woke up early, then hung out with Hannah (bff in Madrid) via Google Hangout for hours.  Brother Teej took me to the grocery store with him at noon, and I spent way too much on things, as usual.  I did pick up a majority of the supplies I'll need for a little Christmas present I'm making for some friends and coworkers, though.  That will go down mid-December, and I'll blog it.  I also got veggies for the stir fry I'm going to make Tuesday night.

That afternoon I hung out with JJ downtown.  We walked down a pedestrian-only street and went into a bunch of little local shops with neat goodies and paper things.  We made our way to a café and each got some tea, then we sat down at a table.  I pulled out my GRE study book and made flashcards for the next hour while JJ worked on some of a crossword, then started planning a variety show for next month.  (Speaking of which... do I have any talents that could be featured in a variety show act?  I couldn't think of anything, other than if my high school vocal quartet could be reunited.  I'd sing with them.)

I got lots of vocab flashcards made that afternoon.  The two previous weeks I had been slacking a lot on my GRE study plan, because once I got home from work during the week I just couldn't bring myself to study.  Parks and Rec is so much more appealing.  But being there in a coffee shop filled with other people doing work made it a lot easier.  Learning from this experience, I went to a library after work today and studied for an hour before going home.  It seems like this will have to be the routine for the next two weeks if I want to get any more studying in.  Which I absolutely must do.

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