Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween goody bag

I didn't have a Halloween costume this year for the festivities last weekend.  Although I started thinking about it late-summer (never too seriously; the thought just crossed my mind), I never came up with a good idea.  Well okay, I did have one good idea, but I didn't make the time to shop around for all of the materials and make the costume.  I'm not giving away my idea, however, because I may use it next year.  So I didn't go out for halloween or to any costume parties or whatnot.  Didn't exactly have any invitations, which probably contributed to my lack of motivation to find/make a costume.

But some point last week I got an email at work from the university's technology store saying that they would be giving out goody bags with candy and a $5 gift card to people who stopped in wearing a costume on Halloween.  Free candy and a gift card?!  I had to wear a costume to work on Wednesday.  A friend reminded me of this event on Tuesday, so I had to throw together something from what I had at my apartment here in town.  Which wasn't much.

I did have all of my frisbee gear with me downtown, so I decided to wear my Quijotes + Dulcineas uniform, Q+D hat, cleats, and bring my Q+D disc to work on Wednesday.  Since I have the same number (#24) on my jerseys as a Spaniard friend from the team, I decided to say I was her.  She is known for asking "Chicos, vamos al bar?" during every practice/pick-up, so I took these pictures when I got to work that day and shared them with my friends from the team via facebook:

Some of my coworkers simply thought I dressed like a scrub that day, instead of my usual dressier office clothes.  They had forgotten it was Halloween!  It did feel weird being so dressed-down at work, but I got a kick out of it.  I nearly forgot to go to that technology store for my goody bag, but luckily my friend and coworker reminded me.

I went around lunch time but wasn't sure how to ask for a goody bag when I got there, so I just blurted "Trick or treat!".  Then the guy comes around the counter with a digital camera and takes my picture twice, in two different lights.  I just checked their facebook page, and yes it's up in their album.  I feel like they should have to ask permission before putting so many people's pictures online.  He didn't ask if he could take the picture, nor tell me what it would be used for, but I assumed it would be put on the web.  Anyway.  So my picture is taken and he hands over my goody bag.  I didn't open it until I got outside, but I was thrilled with its contents.  Check out what I got:

First of all, the bag itself was a nice gift, as it's a sturdy, reusable bag.

red, white & green reusable bag

Inside I found:

Big twix

Screen cleaner cloth

Mini white board

$5 gift card!

So it wasn't the most eventful Halloween, but at least I got to trick-or-treat once!  Did anyone else dress up at work or school?

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