Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DigiWriMo: Day 20

My DigiWriMo fell in priority after I signed up to take the GRE and started studying for it after work.  But I think that even without blog posts, I must be doing alright towards my 25,000 digital word goal this month.  That comes out to an average of 833 words per day, and take a look at the last two days: Today my various emails I sent at work totaled 1,305 words.  Yesterday I wrote an email to Hannah that was 1,091 words long, plus 234 words of various work emails.

So I thought I might not have to give up completely on reaching my DigiWriMo goal.  I decided to start where I'd left off on November 11 and try to track what I have written since, to see if I'm still in the running.

11/11: Last recorded total7,441

11/12: Word total from emails: 425

11/13: Word total from emails: 71

11/14: Word total from emails: 729

11/15: Word total from emails: 525

11/16: Word total from emails: 437



11/19: Word total from emails: 1,325

11/20: Word total from emails: 1,305
             This blog post: 250

I've tweeted 590 words since 11/11, bringing me to: 13,098

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving this week, and the weekend with family.  Hopefully I make myself write, but if I end up spending the time with family and friends instead, I'm okay with that.
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