Sunday, November 11, 2012

DigiWriMo Day 11: Thai, biking, and a mad dad

Yesterday we had some unusually nice weather for this time of year; temperatures reached the 60's here (18 C +/-).  I knew it would be one of  my last opportunities to go for a bike ride with a pleasant temperature without snow (For proof, tomorrow they've predicted a high of 35 (1 C) and snow flurries.  Yuck).  So my friend JJ and I planned on a Saturday afternoon bike ride.

We went out for lunch first, agreeing to meet at a Thai place on Willy Street.  Well, now that I think about it, it was a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant (Ha Long Bay Vietnamese and Thai Bistro).  I ordered "TN3" with chicken: "TN3 - Pad See-Eew: Large rice noodle stir-fried with egg, broccoli, peapod, carrot, and soy sauce".  I'd never had large rice noodles before and let me tell you, they were amazing.  JJ got the "TC1"  (Thai Curry #1, Musamun): "Musamun curry paste with coconut cream, peanut, onion, and potato".  We got to pick our level of spiciness when we ordered, so I asked for mild and JJ ordered hot or extra hot, I don't remember which.

I thought the prices were reasonable, given the serving sizes, quality, and service.  Both of us ended up leaving with leftovers.

After loading our take-away containers into my little backpack, we hopped on our bikes and made a quick pit stop at a nearby bike shop so we could put some more air in our tires.  And then we started biking around the lake.  Leaving from the east side, the ride takes you out of the city and in to a neighboring town.

You can see the capitol in the distance

Testing out my 10x optical zoom on the capitol from across the lake

Myself and JJ

Can't see the capitol from this side of the lake

Little canal-type passage ways

View of the capitol 

I'm reading online that the ride around this lake is about 13 miles, or 20km.  It was a fun, scenic ride; I'm glad we made use of the nice weather.  

Once we were back downtown we parted ways, but met up later that night to listen to some live music at a local lounge.  One of our friends was playing in the third band of the night.

We got there a little after 10pm, and the first band was maybe halfway through their set.  They were too "artistic" for my taste, consisting of drums, cello (playing lots of high harmonics),  and a guy speaking "lyrics" in a poetic voice into the mic.  Many people listening were looking around at each other, trying not to laugh.  Or laughing.  It just wasn't for me.  Here's a taste if you want a look/listen.

The second band, "Us, today*" was amazing.  They came all the way from Cincinnati and their trio consists of drums, guitar, and vibraphone.  I would have no idea how to describe their style, but here's a blurb from their facebook biography: "Their style is best described as an avant-garde blend of jazz, rock, minimalism, and electronic music, with a heavy emphasis on experimentation and improvisation. "  You can listen to some of their songs on their site, but I think seeing them live was a completely different musical experience (and a much better one).  I don't think anyone wanted them to stop playing, but at least the final band did not disappoint.

"Dad is Mad," the last performers of the night, is a newly formed group made up of five members.  Their instruments are: trombone/electronics/vocals, saxophone, organs/guitar, bass, and drums.  Their second song was my favorite, though I have no idea what it was called.  Much of the crowd was dancing throughout the set, and by the end of it everyone was chanting the catchy lyrics: "Party at my mom's house / Everybody's coming! / Drinking cool kool-aid / and having lots of fun!"  The band describes themselves on their facebook page as "funky, rappy, punky, rocky, and strange. Enjoy."

I will be sure to see "Dad is Mad" perform at another show soon; that will be a band to follow!

*If you try to google the band "Us, today," Google will think you're looking for "USA Today".

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