Thursday, October 4, 2012

Surprising the piano brother, sister, and grandparents

If anyone missed it, I'm now an ex-Madrid expat.  I've moved back in the states!  I surprised my older brother (brother Teej) and parents the first day I was back, a Tuesday.

Before brother Teejeven knew I was back, he was thinking about surprising my younger brother (piano brother) at his piano gig that Friday night.  It was the first Friday in a long time that brother Teej didn't have to work, so he would be able to drive the 2.5 hours north to hear piano brother play.

Since I was now home too, I went with.  It couldn't have worked out better.

Surprising piano brother

The place piano brother was playing at that Friday was JavaVino from 6 to 8:30pm.  He was not expecting to see us when he walked in, but after a brief hellowhatareyoudoinghere and hugs, his gig was about to begin and he needed to set up the piano.

This is what I ate there:

Southwest panini with onion soup
These are my brothers at JavaVino during piano brother's bagel break:

Piano brother and brother Teej
The original "plan" was to drive up Friday night, and depending on piano brother's plans, either crash at his house and drive back Saturday morning (in time for the sister's birthday lunch), or turn around and drive back on Friday night.

I was exhausted and would have opted for sleeping at piano brother's house, but brother Teej wanted to sleep at home that night.  And then piano brother realized he didn't have any engagements that weekend until private lessons on Sunday afternoon.  So he came back home with us.

Surprising the sister

The sister didn't know that I was back from Spain, so when the three of us got home between one and two that morning, we snuck into the house and all slept in my brothers' bedroom.

The next morning when Teej heard someone downstairs, he left the bedroom to find sister out in the family room.  She didn't know that Teej was home, so that was a surprise to her.  They chat.  Meanwhile piano brother and I are awake and trying to be silent in the adjacent bedroom.  Piano brother had to sneeze.  I had to pee.  We held back giggles as best as we could, trying to remain silent.  And brother Teej and sister kept on talking and talking (Teej thought we were still sleeping).

Ten to fifteen minutes later, brother Teej finally returned to our hideout room.  Whispering, we told him we wanted to do the reveal right now, as my bladder could not wait any longer cooped up in that room.

Sister was now down the hall in the "music room".  Yes, we've got a music room.  It's filled with instruments and sheet music.  And mother's desk.  We should really start calling it music room/mother's office.  

Anyways, so sister's in music room/mother's office.  We send piano brother in first.  "Piano brother!  What are you doing home?! You and Teej are here?"

I wait about five seconds, then I go strolling in next.  At this point, I've been in the country a whole four days, and I've seen my parents and two brothers... so the idea had sunk in with me that I was back home.  But it was a complete shock to sister.

We did the same thing when each of my grandparents arrived for lunch: piano brother went out first, and then I followed a moment later.  My grandma nearly jumped back a foot when I came out of the hallway after piano brother!

Sister's birthday cake after Saturday lunch

She is going to love me for that photo.

So the surprises all went well that weekend.  And the siblings were unexpectedly reunited:

brother Teej, moi, sister, piano brother

I don't have any other surprises up my sleeves, and I've already publicly announced my return anyway (read: posted a facebook status).   Although the return may have been easier had I notified the family, it was fun to surprise so many people with my presence.  And that could very well be the only time in my life that I was able to do this type of surprise, so I'm glad I did it. 
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