Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday afternoon in the country

When I went to lunch yesterday with the sister and mother, they brought me my new digital camera that I had bought online and had shipped to my parents' house.  Blogging will likely increase frequency now that I'm equipped to take photos once again.

I charged up the battery yesterday, then snapped a few pictures while I was out at CC's this afternoon:

CC's beautiful flower garden

What's remaining of CC's vegetable garden

The back deck

The barn

The moon came out early

The civil engineer practiced with his new bow today

The (big) dog

Fall, fall, fall


Cows and new calves
It's always relaxing to be out at CC's farm: Lots of land, trees and grass and fields, good conversation, no internet, no cell phone service, fresh air, and a dog.  It was a great day weather-wise, so I'm pleased we were able to get out there today to enjoy it.
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