Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Berlin Weekend

I spent this past weekend visiting the sister in New Berlin, where she moved to a little over a month ago.  Since my camera broke on the France trip, and since I could no longer borrow Gregorio's point-and-shoot as I did during August (because I live in a different country now), this weekend's pictures were all taken from my cell phone.  My apologies.


On Saturday I got to see one of the schools where the sister teaches orchestra.  We made some copies on color-coded paper.

Then the sister got a library card at the New Berlin Public Library.  We used said card to check out two movies for that night, and the sister got some Anne of Green Gables books as well.

Then I made a quick stop at Michaels for some ink and some thin yarn.  Both of those craft projects will later appear on the blog.  Next we stopped at Panera for lunch, as the sister had gift cards!  And I hadn't seen a Panera in a year.

That afternoon we took a trip to Goodwill, and both of us bought numerous clothing items.  The sister got some Halloween decorations as well.  Then back to the furniture-filled apartment.

Here's a picture I took to show how huge the sister's microwave is.  I used the cat "Alfie" for size comparison.  I don't think the picture does it justice though; it's a GIGANTIC microwave.

That night we only watched one of the movies, "Life As We Know It," as recommended by the grandma (well, I think she liked it?).  We laughed a lot, though I struggled to get past the improbable plot.


Sunday morning began with a brunch buffet just a block away from the sister's apartment.  This was my first full American breakfast in a year.  We both stuffed ourselves silly.

This is my first plate, after eating over half of my omelette and most of my hash browns and a sausage.  I got way too many sausages.

When I'd finished everything except the ham, roll, and sausages; the sister mentioned that she had seen waffles in the buffet.  What?! So I got up for a clean plate, just for a waffle.  Found the waffle. And the syrup.  And the french toast...

I ate that entire plate, then tried to do some more work on the sausages.  Couldn't finish.  

Later on our way out, we realized that we had completely missed the table with muffins/donuts/bagels.  Probably for the best!

After packing up at the apartment, we headed to New Berlin's Applefest!


I don't remember how we initially found out about this event.  I think I was googling "things to do in New Berlin" when we were all home for the sister's birthday celebration the previous weekend.  Anyway, that's basically why I ended up visiting the sister this past weekend, to attend Applefest together.

For someone who is so interested in genealogy and that sort of thing (the sister), this was a good event to go to.  Here's why: Along with your typical pumpkins/apples/apple cider/apple pie fall event, Applefest took place at the New Berlin Historical Park.  Therefore we could walk through old houses, a one-room school house, a church, post office, etc.; and the sister could join the New Berlin Historical Society!

In one of the houses there was a piano whose keys play on its own, all you have to do is pump the foot pedals.  There is probably a certain name for this type of piano, but I'm not sure what that is.  The sister "played" it first, then after listening to the same five songs over and over, the man made me do it too.  First he asked if I wanted to try and I said no, because I'd just watched and documented the sister doing it.  But this man wouldn't take no for an answer, so then I was sitting on the bench, pushing down on the pedals with my feet, listening to the exact same loud songs all over again.  But now I can say I've played that type of piano (again, a name would be handy here).

Although after breakfast I thought more food that day would be impossible, I did get a bit hungry later that afternoon so I bought a hotdog ($1.00) and a slice of apple pie ($1.50), while the sister got a hotdog and a root beer float.  On our way back to the car, the sister bought a little pumpkin (5 x $1.00, but the sister paid $1.00 for one pumpkin and the woman tried three times to give her some change), and I picked up a postcard from the Historical Society gift shop.

It was a successful weekend "exploring" New Berlin, and the sister's cat only bit my hand once!
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