Sunday, October 28, 2012

Full of Bull

On Wednesday night after work, brother Teej came to bring me some bagels he'd picked up for me when he went grocery shopping on his day off (while I was at work).  [Side note:  Now that they're available to me in this country, I've been eating bagels like it's my job.]

He ended up driving me home from work, so then we hung out.  We both hadn't eaten dinner yet, but I didn't have much food to offer him at home.  So we went out.

We walked down State Street, taking turns saying "I just ate there recently" until we came across a place neither of us had ever been to: Full of Bull.

Located where the old KFC/Taco Bell was, Full of Bull must be somewhat new to State Street - at least 2012-new.

Since Full of Bull is in the exact same location as two fast food chains used to be, I was expecting something similar to an Arby's roast beef.  Under that impression, the prices took me by surprise.  I ordered an "FOB" without cheese (still not sure if it's pronounced "fob" or "f.o.b."),  and it's described in the menu as: "The Original and in our opinion still the best. Roast beef shaved thin on a toasted onion Kaiser Roll, American Cheese and our famous sauce. $7.29".

It was definitely a step up from an Arby's roast beef  - better bun, and the sauce had a little kick to it - but it should not have cost more than a Chipotle burrito.  (And I secretly thought I would have enjoyed a roast beef from Arby's more... just because that taste is engraved in your tastebuds from childhood in this country).  Maybe I'm just not used to U.S. dollar prices after spending the last year in Spain, but I'd think $5 would be more appropriate for this sandwich.  

I categorize this place as fast food (you order at the counter, they call your number and you pick it up), so why would you pay sit-down restaurant burger prices?

This is what brother Teej ordered, the Southwest Cheesesteak: "Pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, jalape├▒os and red peppers $7.99".

Southwest Cheesesteak

The walls were decorated to go along with the "bull" theme, bringing in some Wisconsin pride: 

If I ever find myself eating there again, I'll definitely order a bowl of their "award-winning roast beef chili" ($3.99).  But I would opt for trying someplace new before returning to Full of Bull.
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