Sunday, October 14, 2012

Employed and living downtown

During my first week back in America at the end of September, I applied for a job at my previous place of work and was checking craigslist a million times a day, looking for a place to live downtown.

I had been considering living with my parents until spring semester, when there were likely to be many more sublets available, but due to the death of Holly (my car), I needed to find a place downtown asap.  But before I got a job, otherwise I would have no way to get to said job.  But I had to be sure I'd have a job before signing any lease.  Yeah.

On Tuesday the 2nd I looked at three apartments.  One was taken 20 minutes before I got there to look at it, the next was a definite possibility, and the last was farther east, away from where I would potentially be working.  And the roommate at that third place gave me a weird vibe.  So I asked the second apartment when we could set up a time for me to meet the other roommates (because only the girl who's subletting was there when I saw the apartment).  Wednesday at 7pm, hokay.

I had an interview for my job on Wednesday the 3rd, then I hung around downtown until I met the roommates of the second apartment I had seen the day before.  I was pleased with my first impressions of the roommates, and hoped they thought the same of me.  Must have been the case, because by Thursday we were talking about rent and sublet forms.  On Friday night I received an offer letter for my job via email, and on Sunday night (after getting back from New Berlin) I started moving things into my new apartment, as I began work the next day.

So here I am, lying in a full-size bed, grateful for being employed and with a place to live downtown.  The girl who I'm subletting from left her full bed in the room, and after having slept in a twin my whole life, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time in this full.
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