Sunday, September 9, 2012

Contest: European Monuments

Yesterday I went to Parque Europa, a park with numerous European monuments.  Some of them I could easily identify from having seen them in pictures or movies, a few I had visited in real life, but others I had never seen before.

So I thought it would make for a fun contest.  Below are pictures of ten monuments from Parque Europa.  Label as many as you can and leave your answer in the comments.  The person who correctly identifies the most monuments by September 18 will receive a postcard from me!

For those who know me it goes without saying, but just to be clear -- no cheating!

Hint: This is actually part of something that used to be, not a smaller version of a monument like the rest are











Contest #1: European Monuments
Deadline: September 18
Rules: Correctly identify the European monuments represented in each of the ten photos.  The photos are of models of these monuments (not the real thing!) and are located in Madrid's Parque Europa.
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  1. 5. Eiffel Tower, 6. David, 7. Something in Brussels, right? Possibly has the word "atom" in it?, 10. Uhhh mini-Parthenon? I don't know... :/

  2. 1. Berlin Wall?
    3. Is this what we saw in Madrid? Or is this the one in Rome that I saw there? No name though.
    5. Eiffel Tower--is it life size or scaled down?
    6. David. I saw a replica of this in Italy.
    7? Looks carbon based though.
    8. Never saw this before.
    9. Looks pretty neat. This wasn't at the blind museum too was it?
    10. Parthenon or something like that.

  3. This is hard. Some of these responses are actual guesses and others are simply descriptions of what I see in the picture so don't judge me too much. ;) 1. part of the Berlin wall 2. a tower fort building 3. a gateway 4. some sort of fountain 5. Eiffel Tower 6. David 7. Atomium 8. a mermaid/siren lady 9. a bridge . . . perhaps the London Bridge 10. another gateway that has a chariot on top.

    1. I'm not judging, lady! I could only name 3-4 of these ten when I went, and that's only because I've lived over here for two years. Many I had never seen or heard of before.

  4. 1. Berlin wall
    2. ?
    3. Puerta de Alcalá? If you have a larger copy of this photo you could probably figure it out from the inscription.
    4. Is that the Manneken Pis I see there, perched atop the little round bit?
    5. Eiffel tower
    6. David
    7. Atomium
    8. The mermaid (from the Copenhagen harbour)
    9. Tower bridge (which is not the same as the London bridge)
    10. Brandenburg gate

  5. Ok, did not do very well and don't know actual names haha
    Awesome post Reca!
    - Hannah

    1. Berlin Wall

    2. That thing in Lisbon about discovering the new world

    3. Not sure

    4. Fontana di something...somewhere in Italy, mayybe haha

    5. Eiffel tower

    6. Statue of David

    7. ?

    8. ?

    9. London Bridge

    10. Munich Thing

  6. Replies
    1. No! I'll have more contests in the future... preferably less Europe-based contests so the European doesn't win every time.