Thursday, September 13, 2012

Château de Chinon

That first day of the France road trip, we stayed at a hotel not too far from the Dune du Pilat (2 beds for only 36 euros!).  

On the second day, much of the driving looked like this:

I quickly learned that roads lined with trees on both sides is also very French:
The first château we saw was Château de Chinon.

Here is a picture of the castle from the town down below:

And here are some views from the castle of the town/river below:

Chinon is the castle that Joan of Arc went to in 1429 to ask Charles for an army, so there were a few Joan of Arc displays in the royal lodgings.

I really liked the guide books at this castle, firstly because they were color-coded.  Each tower or building had a colored page in the booklet that corresponded to a thin colored pole outside of the building's entrance.

Secondly, each guide book had some sort of electronic chip inside, so that when you wave it over the interactive screens it picks up on your language and makes the computers work.

The last room in the castle had six interactive screens inside, looking like back-to-school time for the adults:
Little did I know, Chinon was the first of many castles we would visit in the next few days.
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