Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The World Needs More Love Letters

It is no secret that I am a fan of hand-written snail mail, notes, post cards -- anything.  And so are the bloggers at Brown Ink; they blog about the value of putting pen to paper.

In their recent post "The Power of a Love Letter," I learned about Hannah Brencher's project The World Needs More Love Letters, and I fully support her venture.

Two years ago in NYC Hannah began writing and leaving encouraging letters around the city for strangers.  She left them on the metro, in cafes, and even in coat pockets.  Then she began blogging about it.

Soon others were requesting love letters from Hannah for people they knew who could use a pick-me-up.  And people began to write and leave "love letters" around their cities too.  She developed the site The World Needs More Love Letters so people can request a letter for someone in need, share letters that they've written and left, or share letters that they've found.


It's a simple idea.  Simple and wonderful.

Want to get involved and brighten someone's day?  Pick up a pen and start writing!  Including "moreloveletters.com" somewhere on the letter will allow the recipient to share the letter and how it affected them on Hannah's site.
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