Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest short story: Sam Twick and the steed of destiny

[This is a short story written by JJ.]

Sam Twick and the Steed of Destiny

This is the story of the old man Sam Twick.

When Sam Twick, at a slightly less advanced age than present, became a widower, he looked into the ground and thought, "I should start smoking again."

At his house afterwards, his insufferable children buzzed at him like gnats.  James was going on about books and foundations and tributes to his dead mother, turning her into his project before the body was even cold.  She had died in a freak way, Sam had taken her horseback riding for their fortieth anniversary and she had contracted a horse anniversary and she had contracted a horse disease from her mare, Winnie.  The doctors were completely befuddled weeks later, as her downward canter became a trot and then a gallop to the grave.  The horse recovered.

"Do you buy the horse that killed your wife?" Sam wondered aloud.  The words hung in the air as his children absorbed them.


"What th-"


Their protests floated out the window and were perhaps visited on an unfortunate passerby, but not Sam.

"I could use another stable relationship." Sam rose from his chair and looked at his children, who had been struck dumb as if by Christ.

"Your mother loved you all very much.  I am going to sleep.  You may let yourselves out or stay here as you like." He ascended to his chambers.

Sam made the proper inquiries the next morning and was completing the transaction as the sun was dipping low in the sky.

"Any particular reason you're buying this horse sir?  Sort of an odd midlife crisis purchase." said the equine vendor.

"I want to know it.  I want to make peace with it.  I want to love it and I want it to love me.  I want to care for it and protect it." Sam sighed.

"I want to marry it.  It killed my wife."

"Guys like you come in every day."
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